My Background

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I graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle) in 1966 and immediately entered the Army as a Second Lieutenant headed for Vietnam. While overseas, I served in a combat/engineer company as a platoon leader, company XO and company CO, and was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service. I was medically evacuated from Vietnam, spent ten weeks in army hospitals and eventually completed my two year military commitment at Ft Hood Texas.

In 1968, I joined the IBM Corporation initially as a Systems Engineer for two years, then served as a salesman for eight years, earning eight straight 100% Clubs and Two Golden Circles (top 5% of IBM’s sales force in any given year). I was promoted to Atlanta and taught new Sales as well as Systems personnel for four years, then was promoted into IBM’s GSD’s HQ Finance group for two years.

In 1984, a promotion brought my family and me to Dallas where I served in several different managerial positions within IBM through June of 1993. After 25 years of service, I retired from IBM and accepted a position as Vice President of Marketing with India’s largest software services company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where I served another fifteen years in the Information Technology (IT) field. I joined TCS as the first ever non-Indian employee, a firm with $52M in worldwide revenues and 1500 employees worldwide. At retirement, TCS was a $4B company with 148,000 employees. It was QUITE A RIDE!

 My Family and Trophy Club

When Irma and I moved to Texas on a Saturday in July of 1984 with our son, John-Daniel, age 3, we committed to each other that we wanted to really immerse ourselves into whatever community we settled into. We selected Trophy Club for numerous reasons, for long before the slogan was ever adopted, we saw the community as a “great place to call home”.

The next day we started attending what is now Trophy Lakes Church and have been very active members of that congregation ever since. Two days after our arrival, we attended a meeting at the Trophy Club Country Club to hear about MUD3, the area we had moved into (fairly close to Harmony Park). That night I volunteered and was selected to complete the term of a MUD3 Director that had moved away, and have been re-elected to various MUD Boards every four years since then.

A year after our arrival, God blessed us with another child, Sarah Ruth and over the years both our children became very active in various sports opportunities, where I had the pleasure of being a coach in baseball, soccer and basketball. Irma became involved quickly with the Metroport Meals on Wheels and continues to actively serve meals at the Roanoke Senior Citizens Center. She also coordinates our church’s participation each month in the preparation of food. Five years ago, upon retirement, I also started helping with serving meals to the seniors in Roanoke. Twenty one years ago, Irma took on the organizational responsibility for the National Day of Prayer for Trophy Club, Westlake and Roanoke and continues to do so.

In the 1990’s, I started a church softball league that played on a run-down field just behind the old elementary school off Highway 114 in Roanoke. We played there for several years before the construction of the current elementary school closed down our field. We built an excellent infield, viewing stands, a concession stand, put up fences and lights on telephone poles, wrote our own set of rules to cover poles and lighting wires that extended into the field of play, cut and put tires around the light poles for protection, prepared the field for play three nights a week, and umpired all our own games. I served as Organizer, President, Treasurer, Church Recruiter and Head of Umpires throughout the league’s existence. We played two seasons, a spring and fall with tournaments after each. When we had to dismantle, we had 30 teams, 10 ladies, 10 men’s B and 10 men’s A with over 450 players; and was the largest church softball league in the entire Metroplex.

In in summer of 2011, I was elected to represent North Texas on the Board of Directors of AWBD (Association of Water Board Directors) and was recently re-elected for another two year term.

In November of 2011, I was elected as President and Chairman of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association (MSCSA) and was re-elected for another two year term in November of 2013. MSCSA has over 500 men and women playing softball every Tuesday and Thursday morning from April through September, and then we organize 4 season ending softball tournaments, and right after that a major golf tournament in late October (www.dfwseniorsoftball.com).